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    Hi House,

    I am a brand new strength Coach at a local High School in Houston, TX. I am overwhelmed/ super excited at the thought of coming up with an annual Program being that this is my first year with no formal experience prior. Thankfully I stumbled across your “Athletic Based Strength Training–The Tier System.”

    After reading through I found comfort in creating a structured program for my novice lifting athletes. However I am still unclear about a couple of points:

    1. Being that my athletes are new to lifting I was curious on what type of sets and rep range I should start them at. I understand that it varies depending on what phase their at, what phase should I start them at? I plan on watching videos that are presenting the Block Zero programming which is what I am assuming they will start.

    2. After reviewing the website briefly, I did not find any templates where programs can be implemented, maybe I missed it. Is there any software you suggest using to simplify programming. Or possibly another Coach reading this could provide.

    Appreciate what you have done!

    Coach Alfonso Perez

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    Joe Kenn

    I recommend Volume Accumulation Training for newcomers into an organized program for the first time.

    For beginners learning a new skill I recommend,
    Starting with 15 x 1 that’s 15 sets of 1 rep. This is the best way to teach a skill. Perform a rep, step away, get coached, perform another rep.
    Next week 15×2 then 15×3, followed by 5×5

    Then you create a plan of 4 week waves of accumulating volume in various rep ranges with flat loads
    Week 1 5×5 ascending loads until a tough 5 rep set is accomplished
    Week 2 5×6 same loads
    Week 3 5×3 same loads
    Week 4 5×8 same loads.

    This is one example. You can go 8-10-6-12 etc

    We do not offer templates for our programming at this time

    Best Success and Words Win
    Coach House

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