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    I’m wanting to start a developmental strength 4 week block with my athletes. I think it’s a perfect fit for our time of year, and their training levels. The 6-set traditional volume charts in the back of the playbook is where I’m basing my volume and intensities off of. I’m confused though. I read where the traditional template uses T1-6 sets, T2-5 sets, T3-4 sets… all the way to T5, then do the Posterior Chain. My confusion comes when looking at the tables in the back, weeks 1&3 don’t have 6 sets listed. What do I need to do? Am I missing something off of those charts, or is it something bigger, like an over riding building block that I’m misinterpreting?

    Thank you so much,

    Barry Merritt

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    Joe Kenn

    The sets scheme for traditional is a starting spot. If you are using the pre programmed cycles for tier 1 movements you may have less than 6 working sets. I would recommend in this case adjusting lower tiers sets based in on tier 1 sets.

    For example
    Tier 1 5 sets
    Tier 2 4
    Tier 3 3
    Tier 4/5 2

    Tier 1 6
    Tier 2 5
    Tier 3 4
    Tier 4/5 3

    Tier 1 4
    Tier 2/3 3
    Tier 4/5 2

    Hope this helps

    Best Success and Words Win

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    Very helpful! That’s exactly what I was wondering. Setting Tier-1 and working off of that makes perfect sense.

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