Cash, Eric Block Zero [9-14-13]

 Block Zero Eric Cash, MS, SCCC Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Dorman High School As a young head strength coach in January 2007, I was under the impression that all athletes are ready for the demands and expectations of college strength and conditioning...

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Block Zero Level I – Mobility

Athletic Position Drill Before Beginning please refer to (Don't) Assume the Athletic Position article.  This work should be done before starting mobility Quarter 1. Athletic Position to Squat Athletic Position to Adduction-Abduction Athletic Position to Lateral Lunge...

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Block Zero Programming Bullet Points

Block Zero Programming BLOCK ZERO LEVEL ONE WORK OUT CARD  2007 SPRING II SUMMER BLOCK ZERO TRAINING    Block Zero Bullet Points Kenn, J  (2009).  How to Prepare Your Athletes for Collegiate and NFL Weight Programs.  American Football Monthly. 15(9). What...

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Hiring a Performance Coach for Your Child

Hiring a Performance Coach for Your Child - Questions Every Parent Should Consider Adolescent athletic overuse injuries are at an all time high because adolescent parents are pushing at an earlier age for their children to be the next prodigy.  Orthopedic surgeons...

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