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    Coach House,

    I have a question about the volume utilized in the tier system. I have read The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook, looked through the presentations on your website, and watched the lecture you gave for EliteFTS in 2015. I feel like I am grasping many of the concepts of the Tier System (started reading about it in November), but am confused about programming volume.

    1) I understand from the book the Prilepin charts are to be used during the Elite Performance Cycles, but after seeing the extensive work you put into the Prilepin information in the presentation I was wondering if this is still the case or if every type of cycle is based on the Prilepin info. Which leads me to…

    2) Are the preset tables from the book still used in regards to volume during general conditioning, strength endurance, etc. ? If so, how does one program the performance cycle, not elite, since only lower and upper body volumes are included.

    3) Lastly, how do you determine when to utilize something such as volume accumulation training within a tier? I noticed in some of the example templates there would be a Tier 1 programmed based on a percentage (example of 85% elite) followed by tier 2 and 3 with VAT. I am curious about how to implement this within the framework of the system since (my understanding is that) typically the following tiers would be set based on percentages related to the first or would be set based off a concurrent framework.

    I apologize for the long post and if I have seemed redundant in my questioning or missed something while studying this. Your information is great and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the ability to learn so much through the website.

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