• Hello Coach,

    I had a few questions in terms of conditioning and speed development drills

    Currently I train for myself to better myself in football so I built up a training platform based on the Tier system after buying your book on Amazon. I love it and it has changed my perspective on Athlete strength training and lifting for movements in general.

    I had a few questions though on the running periodization particularly in the off-season. Currently I utilize this platform for my off-season training:

    Monday: AM Conditioning (Field) -> PM Strength (Total Body)
    Tuesday: Speed Development (lateral)
    Wednesday: PM Strength (Lower Body)
    Thursday: Speed Development (linear)
    Friday: AM Conditioning (Field) -> PM Strength (Upper Body)
    Saturday: Auxiliary Work / Core Training & Active Recovery (30mins tops)
    Sunday: Rest

    My questions are:

    1. Would you follow this running platform on a performance week? Or is it too much training load?
    2. How is the running platform utilized on Deload weeks as well? Do you lower load in the field and do the bare minimum for neural recovery or do you keep the same consistent conditioning and speed development platforms in place throughout both performance and deload weeks?
    3. Do you have a sample Field Conditioning sheet similar to your Winter Speed Development sheet on your site you could share or maybe give an example run down that you would provide your athletes in the off-season?

    Thanks Coach

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