Product Review – Matt Wenning’s Conjugate Training Secrets Volume #1

Product Review – Matt Wenning’s Conjugate Training Secrets Volume #1

Coach House’s 10 Golden Nuggets

Website note: when writing a book or product review, we pondered the best way to display the information in a straightforward manner with decisive points of emphasis.  We wanted to get you, the reader, interested in the material the author has produced without doing all the homework for you.  Meaning?  We want you to make the choice based on Coach House’s nuggets if there is enough interest for you to invest in the product and put in the work to make your own interpretations of the material.  In effect, “Absorbing, Modifying, and Applying” this information into your own program. As we have found out, sticking to the goal of 10 Golden Nuggets is extremely tough.  With that said, these nuggets, are the most important to express to the masses.  Coach House will tell you he reserves the right to be wrong.

Brain and Brawn, Matt Wenning exemplifies both, being one of the strongest men in world and one of the smartest (M.S. Biomechanics) powerlifters and strength coaches I have come across.  Matt’s interpretations of the Conjugate Method are by far the most user-friendly description I have come across and I have been studying the conjugate method for well over 15 years. 

In this DVD package Matt maps out his programming, showing the structure and evaluation process of designing a plan based on Max Effort movements combined with accessory choices to enhance your specific weak points/improvement areas.  Matt has a tremendous eye for enhancing technique and is spot on in his delivery to his athletes and clients.

Matt lives his system to the tee.  His ability to stay healthy throughout his long career only enhances his statement of the “one who trains the longest is the strongest”.  Matt has been an asset to my personal goal of deadlifting 500 pounds at the age of 50 (completed the feat at 51) and freely gives back to the iron game.  I look forward to reviewing several other of his products and sharing them with all of you.

Best Success and Words Win,

Coach House

10 Golden Nuggets

  • Definition of Conjugate Training

    • Variable Methods and Means

    • Multiple Modalities

    • Rotate Bars, %’s, Foot – Hand Positions

    • Body Mechanics

  • Speed Day = not HOW MUCH >>>>>>> HOW FAST!

  • Law of Accommodation

    • If you do something to long you will become status quo

    • Anything used to long (volume, intensity, mode, duration etc.) will no longer create a positive training effect

  • Law of 72 Hours

    • The body cannot do an extreme workload in the same muscle groups per every 72 hours

    • This doesn’t mean you can’t do moderate to light work (note – this fits into the basic fundamentals of the tier system’s unique movement rotation on 3-day strength training work week)

  • GPP

    • Goal – you need to be in good enough condition to withstand the rigor and demands of the training session

  • “It’s not what you can do, it’s what you can recover from”

  • Warm Up – Preparation

    • Potentiation of weak or hard to activate muscle groups

  • Accessory Work

    • No more that 4-6 movements

    • Rank in order from biggest weaknesses to less important things

  • Longevity comes from TRACTION exercises – It is a game of compression and traction

  • Trick your body into growing muscle

    • “Confusion causes Growth”