Protect Your Body Armor

  • 7 Sample Programs with coaching sheets and video instruction
  • Over 50 Exercises
  • Anatomy and Movement Charts of the Neck, Scapula, Shoulder
  • Over 45 minutes of video demonstrations and coaching voice over
  • The Greatest Neck Program Ever!
  • Basic Band Care, Set Up, 
    and Safety Concerns

Strength Training for Neck and Head Support

Reinforcement – noun – defined as the action or process of strengthening.  What muscles of the body are more important to strengthen than those that support the Head.  Training the muscles of the neck, trapezius, and posterior shoulder regions should be a high priority of your strength training program design.  Designing a program with Protection of the athlete’s body and mind is of upmost importance.  Working to build the athlete’s body armor is crucial in building confidence and reducing the incidences of injury.  Reinforcement – Strength Training for Neck and Head Support is just one vision of the total body approach of preparing the athlete for overall success.

  • "I'm not only the author, I'm a client!"

    I've spent most of my entire coaching career in the team sports setting, working with contact and combat sports and most recently, 9 years with the Carolina Panthers as their Strength and Conditioning Coach. 

    There are numerous components that make up an athletic based strength training program.  Choosing what is needed and rating the importance level is a crucial part of the process.  Having over 30 years of experience in program development, I feel numer one priority is the ability to create a diverse plan focusing on the athlete's health and safety   

    It's proven, Neck Training is essential in protecting the athlete from the risk of injury.  This eBook, "Reinforcement - Strength Training for Neck and Head Support" is long overdue. Protecting body armor and neck training should be considered a highly important aspect of program design.  Regardless of sport, supporting the head with proper training may reduce incidences of head trauma as well as improve the overall musculature of what I call the protective shield.

    This is my thought process on training the protective shield.  I hope you find it useful.  If you do, drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you. 

    Best Success and #wordswin
    Joe "Big House' Kenn
  • Coach House delivers a methodical comprehensive training approach to an area that is often overlooked but is so critical to train for the health and safety of our male and female student athletes under our care. The highly detailed example programs and videos are easy to follow and applicable to any environment in which you may work; middle school, high school, college, private or pro. The Reinforcement program is absolutely your number one resource for training the neck, trapezius and posterior shoulder.

    Liane Blyn
    Director of Sports Performance-Olympic Sports 
    Arizona State University
  • “Whether you’re starting out as a Performance Coach, or have been in the game for years, Coach Joe Kenn is a main source! His thought process has served as a foundational piece of countless strength programs over several decades. His new book “Reinforcement,” which centers around strength training for the neck, is another go-to resource for performance professionals. Filled with a variety of programs and video demonstrations, this book will help you round out a comprehensive neck training program applicable to all settings.”

    Donnell Boucher, MS, MA, CSCS
    Director of Strength & Conditioning
    The Citadel
  • “Joe Kenn has been one of the most innovative and creative people in the fitness industry for over thirty years and a tremendous resource for all strength coaches at every level of competition. I think that this book will provide all strength coaches the tools that they need to design better programs to improve the overall health and performance of every athlete that they work with in their strength and conditioning programs. It contains an incredible amount of information about how to design better programs to increase neck strength while also developing all the muscles that support and protect the head in athletes of all ages. Research has shown that the implementation of these types of strength programs have greatly reduced the occurrence and severity of concussions in all sports.”

    Kerry Harbor
    Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Reagan High School