“The Tier System has allowed me to train 21 sports in an efficient and effective manner. With the Tier System you can give your athletes equal exposure to all movement categories to ensure you are meeting your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. The Tier System is the most comprehensive way to train your athletes combining science and practical hands on information. All our athletes use it and have greatly benefitted rom it.”

- Craig Swieton

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Davidson College


“I have had the opportunity to use the Tier System in the college and high school environment, and had great success at both levels. The Tier System is a systematic rotation of movements that shifts and rotates daily according to the focus of the day. This program is easy to implement, result orientated, and it challeneges the athletes to compete on a daily basis. I would recommend these philosophies to be used at any level.”

Rich Gray

Director Athletics, Life Fitness and Hammer Strength


“The Tier System is one of the best programs I’ve ever used in the weight room. Its ease of use and flexibility to change exercises and percentages makes it one of the best on the market. I highly recommend it to make your weight room programming much easier.”

Eric Lougas

Head Strength Coach, Westminster School, Atlanta, GA


“Coach Kenn is not only a great mind and a great coach, but one of the best in his field. He exhibits a great understanding of what it takes mentally and physically to be at the top. Joe is constantly evolving his already sound methodology to ensure that the athletes he trains are prepared for the rigors of competition. Over the years, I have enjoyed every opportunity I have had talking to Joe about his system of training. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him, his methods and his ability to help athletes reach their potential. There is no doubt in my mind that he gets nothing less than the very best from his athletes.”


- Brandon Marcelo

Director Sports Performance, Stanford University


“I have been in the field of Human Performance for nearly two decades, and have observed some of the best performance coaches around. In the time I have spent with Big Joe, I have seen him perform, time-and-again, as one of the elite performance coaches in the world. His integrity, ethics, coaching ability, and understanding of human performance are second to no one. I cannot overstate his value in the field of performance coaching. As a mentor, friend, colleague, person, and coach, Joe is as good as they come. I feel blessed to call Joe Kenn my friend and am proud to have him as a mentor and colleague.”

- Ethan Banning BS, CSCS

Founder/Director of Performance, Triple Threat Performance, NSCA State Director for Arizona


“Coach Kenn is without a doubt one of the top strength and conditioning professionals in the country.Through the development of the Tier System, his athletic based training approach, Coach Kenn has created an effective method for the development of all types of athletes from all types of sports. I have personally learned a tremendous amount from Coach Kenn and have and will continue to use the principles of the Tier System.”

- Ben Hilgart

MS, CSCS, SCCC, USAW I Head Coach - Sports Performance, Arizona State University

“The Tier System is the most functional and versatile training system for training athletes at various levels. It’s multi-dimensional approach gets the most out of an athlete in the weightroom. I have used the Tier System at the collegiate level for many years and have since adapted it to the professional, high school and middle school athletes that I work with in the private setting. It was created for an athlete, by an athlete.”


- Liane Blyn

Owner/Director of Sports Performance, "Athletic Based Training", IPF World Powerlifting Champion, World's Strongest Women's Competitor


“In the training world, experience and results talk. There are few people in the sports performance industry with real world experience and documented results like Joe Kenn. As a result, when Joe Kenn talks, I do just one thing: listen”

- Martin Rooney

Parisi Speed School, Training for Warriors


“Joe Kenn is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced strength coaches in the game today.  His methods have had a great influence on me and how I train my athletes, and his book, The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook, is one of my all time favorites.  In fact, it is one of the first books I recommend to aspiring strength coaches, and one that I refer to and reread regularly.”

- Jason Ferruggia

Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Chief Training Advisor to Men's Fitness Magazine

“In all my years working with coaches, I have never met a coach that could ignite a fire in an athlete like Coach Kenn can. He has a presence that simply demands excellence and he truly motivates an athlete beyond their own expectations. It is a privilege to call him a friend.”

- Chris Morgan

FCA Chaplain, University of Louisville Athletics