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    Guys tell me what you think about the following workouts. I have put this together for what I call developmental players in our high school football program (Junior Varsity kids).  I am putting this out there because I am not sure if I have butchered the integrity of the tier system or not.  It is normal for me to couple a main tier lift with other smaller exercises (super/tri set). Our kids work in groups of three and I call the workout on the whistle.  Here is an example of a Monday lift.
    Dynamic Warm-up
    OH Squats
    Box Jumps
    Power Clean
    Posterior Shoulder           
    Tier #2
    Front Box Squat
    Gripper and Neck
    Tier #3
    Grip 2 Bench
    Posterior Chain Lift
    Finish with a Pull ?up routine/stretch
    My question is this. Does the integrity of the system get messed up by including Tier #4 and #5 exercises with Tiers 1-3?
    The other question I had was whether or not I am doing too much on the Tuesday/Thursday workouts. Those are days that I call running days, but really they are pre-hab, SIDs, agility, metabolic days.
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