The Squat Bible – Book Review

The Squat Bible Book Review Joe Kenn Big House Power The Squat Bible, written by lead author Dr. Aaron Horschig is a must read for any coach, athlete, or fitness professional utilizing a squat variation in their programming.  Regardless of years under a bar or... Click to keep reading

Discover the Power of Play

DISCOVER THE POWER OF PLAY Mike Daley CPT, CPPS Head Strength Coach Newell Strength BOOM! Like a bat out of hell I took off. Maximum force is being imposed into the grass through my right leg; ankle extension, knee extension, hip extension – I am generating every last... Click to keep reading

Nenaber, B Differences in Training

DIFFERENCES IN THE TRAINING OF COMPETITIVE OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTERS AND ATHLETES IN SPORT By Brett Nenaber MS, SCCC, USAW The goal of any athlete’s training program is to help them realize their full potential in the sport they compete in. Before we as strength coaches... Click to keep reading


ASANOVICH SETS BHP STAFF   In our attempt to continue to learn and evolve, we have recently been implementing “Asanovich Sets” into our medley work with excellent success.  The Asanovich Sets are named after Mark Asanovich.  Coach Asanovich is... Click to keep reading

EADS 2014

  I would like to thank coaches Joe Kenn and Mike Robertson for partnering together to bring us EADS14. Both of these coaches provided keen insight into the how and why behind their programming with the passion that you would expect from two of the best in the... Click to keep reading

Middle School Block Zero Proposal

Middle School Block Zero Coordinator Proposal Eric Cash, MS, SCCC Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Dorman High School In 2007 I started my career as a head strength coach at the collegiate level. After numerous conversations and a few visits with Coach Kenn and... Click to keep reading

Banning, Ethan 5 Fingers of the Fist

5 Fingers of the Fist Ethan Banning CSCS Elite Performance Coach Rehab Plus, Scottsdale, AZ The “five fingers of the fist” is a five part daily program set up as an introduction to the weight portion of the Career Development Plan.  Just as every finger is essential... Click to keep reading

Healthy Habit #1b

Healthy Habit #1b: What to Eat Every 2-3 Hours ADAM FEIT ISSA-SPN “The Practical Nutritionist”   Now that we know why eating every 2-3 hours is important for both our health and athletic performance, it’s time to breakdown the recommendations and make it... Click to keep reading

Hydration for Athletes #1

Hydration for the Athlete #1: Practical Demonstration Adam Feit ISSA-SPN   While it is generally accepted in the literature that 60-70% of the human body is made up of water, our athletes rarely make drinking water a priority. How can we relay the importance of... Click to keep reading

Healthy Habits #1

Healthy Habit #1: An Introduction to Eating Every 2-3 Hours Adam Feit ISSA-SPN “The Practical Nutritionist   It doesn’t matter what magazine you’re reading at the grocery store or which research journal you’re subscribing too, any lifestyle of eating, or... Click to keep reading

Clean Grip Power Pull from Deck

Exercise Technique – Clean Grip Power Pull from Deck Joe Kenn for Big House Power Professional Members   The Clean Grip Power Pull from Deck is a pulling variation derived from the Clean and Jerk. The Clean and Jerk is one of two movements that make up the... Click to keep reading

The Essence of Time

The Essence of “TIME” Joe Kenn MA, MSCC, CSCS Big House Power Competitive Athletic Training Inc.     In sports, when the word “time” is used in a conversation, most discussion will be focused on an individual’s 40-yard dash.  That is, how fast an individual... Click to keep reading


“WORDS WIN” Joe Kenn Big House Power       WORDS WIN!  If you work[ed] with me, follow me on twitter, facebook, etc., these two words are not far behind.  Numerous people ask what it means and I explain to them where it came from and its meaning.  The... Click to keep reading

It’s Not a Race for Last

It’s Not a Race for Last   Joe Kenn Big House Power LLC This July, my youngest son Peter was going through his first training camp of organized tackle football and I was very excited.  With football, as with most other team sports, practices are pretty much all... Click to keep reading

Breaking [In] and Entering

Breaking [In] and Entering Joe Kenn Big House Power LLC   Darius D., is completing his master’s degree, and asks the question, How do I land a job in the field?  This is a tough question to answer because many will beat around the bush. Darius is already... Click to keep reading

What Are Dumbbell Elevators

What are Dumbbell Elevators? Joe Kenn Big House Power   Corey St. Clair submitted this question. He is the owner of St. Clair Strength and Fitness, located in Eagle, Idaho.  Corey is a professional strongman and also served as a student assistant for me at Boise... Click to keep reading

[Don’t] Assume the Athletic Position

(Don’t) Assume the Athletic Position Joe Kenn BIG HOUSE POWER LLC Stance – noun – The attitude or position of a standing person or animal, especially the position assumed by an athlete preparatory to action. Posture – noun – The position of the limbs or the carriage... Click to keep reading