• mbooth replied to the topic General in the forum Discussions 6 years, 5 months ago

    Coach Cash,
    When do you fit in your prehab exercises such as neck, wrist, knee, ankle, etc..  Do you believe those are areas that only need to be done twice a week on your T-Th workouts as corrective exercise? 
    I will sometimes hit the neck and wrists everyday but in different angles.  My neck work for instance might be weighted on M-W-F, but manual of T-TH.  That is one area in the sport of football that I want to say I did  everything I could to prepare the kid for contact. At the end of every season I get with the athletic training and take a look at our injury list from the prior season.  Based on that I prioritize what I need to do a better job of strengthening.
    I like what you said about don’t crush what lies ahead. Thanks.

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