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    Prilepin cycles are still my cycles of choice for the majority of strength and power development.

    You can still utilize the cycles for the strength endurance and general conditioning. Those cycles are solid. I prefer to use volume accumulation cycles now for that stage.

    There is no total body cycling for strength endurance, etc,…[Read more]

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    Sorry for missing this, I check one a week and for some reason this is the first I am seeing this. Tell me what you are looking for and I will look for examples to upload. Again, I apologize

    Best Success and Word’s Win

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    Either or is fine – Remember by classifying your Tier 1 movement of the day as Dynamic – you are stating that the intent of effort is going to be maximum concentric acceleration regardless of movement. So, choice of movement is not the so called issue, it’s making sure you utilize the correct training percentage and rep range to illicit…[Read more]

  • I recommend Volume Accumulation Training for newcomers into an organized program for the first time.

    For beginners learning a new skill I recommend,
    Starting with 15 x 1 that’s 15 sets of 1 rep. This is the best way to teach a skill. Perform a rep, step away, get coached, perform another rep.
    Next week 15×2 then 15×3, followed by 5×5

    Then you c…[Read more]

  • David,
    In my thought process I see this as a Tier 1-3 movement. For us it is a Tier 1 movement for Skill Players and it is in a rotation of Tier 1 movements for Front 7 Players.

    Rep Schemes
    3-6 have been utilized, but I am leaning to 5-6 for Block work and using 3’s from the deck.

    Too simple a movement not utilize and you get a lot of bang f…[Read more]

  • The sets scheme for traditional is a starting spot. If you are using the pre programmed cycles for tier 1 movements you may have less than 6 working sets. I would recommend in this case adjusting lower tiers sets based in on tier 1 sets.

    For example
    Tier 1 5 sets
    Tier 2 4
    Tier 3 3
    Tier 4/5 2

    Tier 1 6
    Tier 2 5
    Tier 3 4
    Tier 4/5 3

    Tier 1…[Read more]

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    All the DVD’s material come from my presentations from my 3 years of Elite Athletic Development Seminars with Mike Robertson. So, if you have purchased these products you already have the info.
    2 DVD’s

    Block Zero
    Gives you a framework of how to introduce structure programming to newcomers to strength training. It gives you a template to bui…[Read more]

  • To be honest, I am not aware of one other than our Coach’s Strength Training Playbook that speaks to specific program design for an sporting athlete versus a strength athlete. The one book I did enjoy and got a lot of reaffirmation from was Athletic Development by Vern Gambetta. Other than that there are the typical rec’s of Zatsiorsky…[Read more]

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    double test

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