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Joe Kenn is always in the conversation when the country’s top strength and conditioning coaches are mentioned. I truly appreciate Joe’s disclaimer that he is not an Olympic Weightlifter because I always begin my clinics by stating “I am NOT a Strength Coach. I am a Weightlifting Coach. My goal is to produce competitive Olympic Weightlifters.”

Joe’s book, Push, Jump, Punch, shows Joe’s extensive experience, as a top flight strength coach, teaching the Power Clean to athletes of various sports with a wide range of skills and abilities. Joe has always been attentive to detail and his book shows that. The book is set up in such a way that the reader can, actually, trouble shoot a particular technique concern, once again showing Joe’s experience in teaching the Power Clean over his 20 year career.

Push, Jump, Punch will be a great addition to anyone’s library as a resource in learning, teaching or correcting flaws in the Power Clean.


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