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In today’s saturated sports performance market, there are eBooks that surface left and right on various topics with an underlying motivation to make a profit. Most of these manuals turn out to be promotional platforms written by individuals who have never actually coached athletes in a team setting.  Real coaches want to cut through the creative formatting and flashy marketing without reading through another theoretical guide based not on anecdotal evidence but on personal beliefs.  This is not that kind of eBook.

Make no mistake, Joe Kenn’s “The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook for Football: A Championship Program” is anything but watered-down and solely theoretical.  Coach Kenn opens the doors to an entire off-season of training in a detailed format.  This data was collected during the off-season training of a highly successful team in a BCS conference with a number of NFL drafted players.  No component of preparation was left undocumented including sets, reps, percentages, target times, and performance testing data.

There is a reason Joe “House” Kenn is arguably the most decorated and influential strength & conditioning coach in the industry.  His attention to detail, straightforward guidance, and unwavering integrity is evident in every one of the 280 plus pages.  Coaches that truly want to help their athletes succeed on the football field and in the weight room will appreciate the effort and honesty of Coach Kenn’s writing.  This is the type of information that strength coaches covet and will flourish with.  A must read for any coach beyond the over-simplification of athletic performance. “The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook for Football: A Championship Program” is written from the sack. Words Win.

Mark Watts

Director of Education™

“Joe Kenn continues to impress with The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook for Football. The best way to learn for me is to look at tried and true programming and dissect it. To get the rare opportunity to look behind the scenes at one of most respected strength coaches programs is one I couldn’t pass up. Coach Kenn provides the exact programming templates he used during his 9 week Championship summer program, including the heralded “Block Zero” program. It can be used as a plug and play for coaches who have responsibilities beyond just strength, or a point of reference for experienced strength coaches to evaluate their own programs. In a day of sensationalized Internet products, it’s nice to get back to proven nuts and bolts programming.”

Ron McKeefery, MA, CSCS, MSCC

Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach

“I was lucky enough to stumble on Joe Kenn’s Tier System Training early on in my career as physical preparation coach and it has shaped the way I approach strength training for non-strength sports. Tier System book is the ONLY book I carry around with me, and it is the ONLY book that I have read more than 5 times. It is a master-piece, but it lacked real-life examples how the system is implemented. With Coach’s Strength Training Playbook for Football that is no longer the case – they represent great combo of theory and practice. The readers can also pick-up other knowledge that is not directly related to strength training, like the design of workout cards, coach’s reference cards and so forth. Joe Kenn is really leader in strength and conditioning field and I am always eager to get my hands on his material. This book is no exception. ”

Mladen Jovanovic

Physical Preparation Coach

“There are few people I respect more in the physical preparation game than Coach Kenn, and this manual does not disappoint. It’s rare that a coach will literally take you behind closed doors and show you a real, live program. While many are quick to talk philosophy or “what they’ve read,” Coach Kenn is an in the trenches guy, and this manual puts you in his head to see how he programs speed, strength and conditioning for his athletes. Quite simply if you want to take your program design skills to the next level, you need to review this manual.”

Mike Robertson, MS, CSCS, USAW
President, Robertson Training Systems
Co-Owner, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training

“Coach Kenn is the best in the business. I have seen firsthand the amount of preparation he puts into his programming to maximize his athlete’s development. The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook for Football gives the reader a behind the scenes look at the preparation and development of a Championship Football Program. Unlike many books and manuals that outline general programs, this is the actual program used by a championship football team. The amount of detail in the templates and charts in this training manual make it one of a kind.” 

Ben Hilgart, MS, CSCS, SCCC, USAW I

Head Coach- Strength & Conditioning

University of New Mexico

“The Coach’s Strength Training Playbook for Football is the first manual of its kind I’ve seen. Coach Kenn provides you an entire 9-wk program that covers all areas of training in this manual. As a coach, being efficient with your programming and having great templates to use is key to writing S&C programs, and this manual provides coaches with excellent templates, as well as drills and exercises (movement prep, conditioning, speed, agility, etc) that are ready for immediate use. If you want a program that has shown proven results with athletes then I highly recommend picking up this manual. ”

Scott Caulfied

Director of Strength and Conditioning

National Strength and Conditioning Association

“Joe Kenn’s new ebook gives you an inside look at how a master develops a program. Coach Kenn gives you the opportunity to see every small detail that goes into a successful strength and conditioning program. I have never before seen this type of insider information available. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or intern in the field, you should be reading and learning from this ebook. Learn from the Master!”

Joe Connolly, MS, SCCC, CSCS, USAW

Director of Strength and Conditioning

University of South Carolina

“As a longtime fan of Coach Kenn and his Tier System I was excited to get my hands on The Coaches Strength Training Playbook for Football.  This manual provides invaluable insight into the mind and programming of Coach Kenn and shows you exactly how he plans, organizes, and develops not only his strength training sessions but his running/agility, and conditioning sessions as well.  This is a MUST have for any serious Strength Coach who wants to make maximum impact on their athletes.”

Andy McCoy, NSCA, USAW

Body Creations, Inc.

“Coach Kenn has put together the most comprehensive Football Strength and Conditioning Manual of all-time. He gives you exact speed, conditioning, and strength workouts. He also gives you data of his Division I Football Championship Team to compare your athletes to. This will let you know where your athletes need the most work.”

Travis Mash, USAW L1 SPC

Owner/Head Performance Coach

Mash Elite Performance

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